May 18, 2022

Holy Stone F181W wifi fpv Review

Holy Stone F181W
Holy Stone F181W

This is a complete review of the drone Holy Stone F181W. This model from Holy Stone, launched in 2019. Among the contemporary drone in the market for very inexpensive rate. This drone is an example of how contemporary drones with advanced features can be easily customer drones. This drone is suitable for kids and novice pilots.

Holy Stone F181W has collected many features that we will talk about in this article. The first thing you look for when choosing a drone is the design and build quality of the drone. And Holy Stone always copes with this task perfectly. Everything is thought out by the manufacturer for the productive work of the drone.

Let’s start with the main features of the Holy Stone F181W wifi fpv drone:

  1. The drone can stay aloft for 10 minutes on a single battery charge.
  2. Holy Stone F181W is equipped with its own video camera. The recording is in 720p format. The camera has a wide angle of view.
  3. A variety of drone control modes will allow any pilot to choose convenient settings for Holy Stone F181W. We will take a closer look at all the functions of this drone in this article below in the text. For now, let’s say that in its price range, the F181W is equipped with a fairly wide range of functions and settings.
  4. The drone is controlled by 4-channel dual-joystick control remote. The package includes a holder for a phone. Drone video can be streamed directly to the phone via a mobile app. The drone easily connects to your phone and you can get video to the screen with minimal latency.

Drone package

Holy Stone F181W
Holy Stone F181W

Inside the box are the Holy Stone F181W  drone, the remote, two batteries, the camera, the blades and their accompanying screws. Additionally, you will also receive 2 charging cables, instructions, a memory card and a screwdriver for assembling the drone.

The drone will be disassembled in the package. The assembly of the drone is carried out by you according to the instructions that are included in the package. If you follow all the steps correctly according to the instructions, you will receive a drone with a sturdy construction ready to use. I ask you to be very careful when assembling, because the flight characteristics of the drone depend on it.

Who is the Holy Stone F181W wifi fpv drone for?

I’ve tried dozens of drones. And I can definitely reconstruct this drone for beginners and children from 7 years old. Firstly, the loyal pricing policy of this drone allows you not to hold on due to possible breakdowns, which may be the result of inept drone control. Agree that you don’t really want to learn and experiment on an expensive drone, unless you have a lot of money. Secondly, this drone has most of the functions and modes that expensive drones have, so you can really try everything with it. Having become a truly expert in flying, you can safely change the drone to a more progressive one.

Holy Stone F181W Video Camera

Holy Stone F181W Video Camera matches the pricing of this drone model. When buying a drone for a low price, you cannot rely on a high-resolution camera with a perfect picture. Overall, the camera quality is satisfactory. You will get a clear enough video for viewing, for example, on a phone or tablet. You can only see any video defects on a wide diagonal TV. In my opinion, this is the perfect camera for kids.

The camcorder shoots video at 720p. It is also a wide-angle video camera featuring a 120-degree field of view, suggesting the images are adequately wide. You can easily take panoramic shots and videos from above. Regrettably, you can not rotate or angle it to get a wide view or produce elegant video camera results. To get an angle shot, you will have to take measurements with the drone itself. To do this, you must have experience in flying a drone. But don’t be upset. By constantly practicing this skill, you will achieve good qualifications.

You can get a good quality shot using the hover mode. Otherwise, the picture may appear blurry.

Think of this camera as a training camera for aerial photography. You will have a valuable shooting experience from above.


This drone does not please with the length of the flight time. F181W operates on two batteries simultaneously. Even so, the flight time is 10 minutes on a single charge.

Due to the short flight time, we recommend keeping a reasonable altitude and keeping track of the time.

I advise you to pay attention that the drone is light enough and in windy weather it does not withstand the force of the wind. The ideal weather conditions for flying the F181W are calm outdoor conditions.

By following all my recommendations in this article, you will extend the life of your Holy Stone F181W wifi fpv drone.


Holy Stone F181W
Holy Stone F181W

The first mode is Elevation hold. This feature will be useful for beginners and not superfluous for professionals. The drone stabilizes at height and maintains an upright position.

The second mode is the presence of the Six-axis gyroscope. The six-axis gyroscope is responsible for stabilizing the drone in all weather conditions. This mode fulfills its function on the part of the software. But the drone’s lack of strong motors and the light weight of the drone itself will not allow the drone to stabilize in windy weather. However, in good weather conditions and there may be little wind, the F181W will be stable.

The third mode is 3D flips. The drone is capable of performing a number of technical tricks. Turning is one of them, and I’m grateful to report that the F181W handles this tomfoolery well.

It can flip along all 3 axes without avoiding a beat and can even be used for performance if you’re wanting to shoot extreme, shaky action-oriented video.

The fourth mode is Headless mode. Most likely among the very best navigational features of the F181W, the headless mode lets the electronic camera turn individually from the direction the drone is dealing with in.

Drone pros

  1. Price. Affordable price F181W will allow you to buy it for a child or a beginner.
  2. Modes. The F181W drone has a sufficient number of necessary and convenient modes for piloting training.
  3. Assembly. It won’t be difficult to assemble the drone according to the instructions. The main thing is to follow all the steps indicated in the instructions.
  4. Camera. The technical characteristics of the built-in camera allow you to learn about shooting from above and panoramic shots.
  5. Build quality. Although this drone is produced in a low price range, Holy Stones always pay attention to the quality of the materials of their drones.

Drone Cons

  1. Flight time. 10 minutes of flight is not enough for a drone flight. But this disadvantage can be solved by purchasing additional batteries for the F181W.
  2. Camera resolution. The camera has decent specs, but its resolution could have been better.
  3. Even with extra batteries, it is necessary to give the F181W a break between flights. This is due to the fact that the drone itself is overheating and it takes time to cool its engines.
  4. The dependence of the quality of the drone and the quality of the flight on weather conditions. We do not recommend launching the drone in windy conditions. This can cause serious damage to the aircraft.

Video Review

Conclusions on the article from the editors of the site

The Holy Stone F181W is a great drone for kids. This drone is also worth considering for beginners. For the stated price, the manufacturer offers a fairly good model of the drone from the technical point of view. In this price range, you, like me, are unlikely to find a similar model. A wide range of functions, maneuverability, a reasonably good camera these are the reasons for choosing Holy Stone F181W.

Draw your own conclusions based on this review. Happy shopping!

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