May 18, 2022

Holy Stone HS120D Review

Holy Stone HS120DWelcome! We present to you a review of the Holy Stone HS120D drone. Holy Stone is a pretty big producer in the drone market with some very successful designs. The Holy Stone HS120D is a great newbie’s drone or for the more knowledgeable users as well, it also has a budget-friendly price and respectable video quality.
This drone is on the market for inexpensive models with a good set of features and capabilities. If you are a beginner, then you should read this review carefully. This review will take a closer look at the characteristics of the Holy Stone HS120D. So, let’s start carefully analyzing this drone model.

Drone package

Holy Stone HS120DHowever before we speak about its functions, what can be found in the box of the Holy Stone HS120D? Inside the box, we can discover the HS120D drone with 2 batteries, carrying a backpack, transmitter, 2 extra landing gears, 4 props, USB battery charger, user handbook.
Holy Stone’s controller is excellent, it’s comfortable and simple to utilize with its dual handles, above the controller you can put your mobile phone of all sizes when it runs out of battery you just require to charges it with its charging cable. This design is also compatible with FPV (First Person View) drones for live transmission and has GPS.


The Holy Stone HS120D FVP drone, like many other models from this manufacturer, has a very stylish and modern design. This model is truly elegant and a pleasure to own. The drone is presented in deep black color. The material for the manufacture of this drone model is high quality and durable plastic.
The dimensions of the Holy Stone drone are 270 270 120 mm and weighs 221 g.
The appearance of the Holy Stone HS120D has a standard quadcopter shape with mounts at the bottom for the camera, which we will talk about in detail later in this review.

Holy Stone HS120D Review

The Holy Stone HS120D drone belongs to the category of light drones (up to 250 grams), which will allow you to fly without registering the drone as a flight vehicle. This saves you time and you will not worry about the legality of your actions.
Due to its size, this drone model is easy to transport. To transport the drone, you will need a small backpack or bag. This size and weight is very suitable for travel because does not take up much space in your checked or carry-on baggage.
The Holy Stone HS120D drone is equipped with its own camera, which is attached to the bottom of the drone. We advise you to install the landing legs immediately to avoid damage to the camera. Later in this review we will tell you in detail about the Holy Stone HS120D camera.
As mentioned above, 2 batteries are supplied with the drone. On one battery charge, you can fly for 15-18 minutes. This is a very decent indicator for a drone at this price point. Not every similar model can boast of such a characteristic. Still, we recommend that you always purchase an additional set of batteries to increase your flight enjoyment time. Please note that the recharge time for each battery is approximately 120 minutes. Therefore, think immediately about an additional kit.
The declared flight range of the drone is up to 300 meters from the location of the control panel. But if you are a beginner, we advise you not to fly far, so as not to lose sight of the drone and not damage the device due to inexperience.
The drone image can be directly broadcast online to the smartphone screen using the HS GPS Pro application, which is compatible with both iOS and Android.
For flying at night, Holy Stone HS120D drone is equipped with LED lights. These lights are mounted under each rotor so you never lose your drone in the night sky.
The drone is controlled by a remote control. The remote control is very ergonomic and fits comfortably in the hands. All buttons and joysticks are easy to reach, but at the same time do not interfere with each other due to the correct location. At the top, the remote control has a mount to secure your smartphone.

Holy Stone HS120D Camera

Holy Stone HS120DThe Holy Stone HS120D drone comes with its own camera. And this fact plays a decisive role for many when choosing a drone. After all, everyone wants not only to watch the flight from the ground, but also to enjoy the beauty of the flight from above. This means that having a camera is already a big plus for this drone model.
So, let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of the camera. The Holy Stone HS120D comes with a good 1080p video camera that has a 120 field of view, however, FPV streaming is just in 720p. However, the video quality problem can be solved by using a micro SD card. By directly recording video to the memory card, the video quality will remain at its best. The Holy Stone HS120D FVP drone can support up to 32GB memory card.
It is worth noting that the camcorder does not have its own stabilization, therefore, the quality of shooting will drop noticeably in windy weather. We recommend choosing sunny, calm weather for your flights.
The Holy Stone HS120D camera also captures 2MP photos.
Such photo and video shooting with the holy stone hs120d fpv drone will forever leave memories of your travels and entertainment in your home archive.


The Holy Stone HS120D does not included any stabilization, no gimbal, or electronic video stabilization to get clearer images.
If you want smoother videos you will have to fly slower and gently and attempt not to fly in windy conditions, the stabilization isn’t the best in this drone.

The Holy Stone HS120D battery

Holy Stone HS120DThe Holy Stone HS120D includes a rechargeable 3.7 V 1200mAh battery which you can charge with the USB Battery Charger, which can last about 16 minutes tape-recording at 1080p.
The battery is located at the bottom back inside, where there is a cover that gives access to the battery. The HS120D includes 2 battery, so you can alter them when the first one runs out you can put the very first one to charge immediately.


Headless Mode. This mode will allow you not to think about where the drone’s head is. In this mode, the the Holy Stone HS120D will fly relative to the control panel, which means that when the remote control is turned to the left, the drone will fly to the left, regardless of the location of its head and, by analogy, in other directions.
Back to home. By pressing one button, the drone will return to the place where the remote control is located. Also, this mode is activated when the battery is low or the drone leaves the control area of the remote control.
Follow me mode. During your walk, cycling, morning jogging and the like, the drone will follow you. This mode frees your hands from flying the drone. Ideal for anyone who loves to walk or wants to explore the area, not only while flying the the Holy Stone HS120D.
Custom Path. You can set the route for the drone yourself. The drone will follow exactly the points that you specify in its route.

Flight Performance

The drone is controlled using the control panel or through the application on your smartphone. Everything is simple enough, but a little training will not be superfluous. Take-off, landing and return to home functions operate from one button and without any problems. Controlling the drone’s flight is fairly easy, especially if you activate headless mode.
At the same time, FPV may malfunction because the app may crash in practice and the FPV stream will be lost. Therefore, we advise you to always fly with GPS mode activated.

Video review

Conclusions on the article from the editors of the site

Above is our Holy Stone HS120D drone review, based on which we are ready to summarize the results. This drone model, like any other, has pros and cons. But we note right away that, in the opinion of our editorial staff, there are much more advantages. So, if you are a beginner or a hobbyist on a budget, then you should definitely pay attention to this drone and think about buying it.
The Holy Stone HS120D drone has a stylish design and is made of high quality plastic. The camera of this drone will allow you to get decent photos and videos for home archives. This drone cannot take professional photos and videos. But the price corresponds not to a professional, but to an amateur model of a drone. It is worth noting that in windy weather the quality of video and photos will deteriorate. the camera does not have its own stabilization.
The battery capacity will allow you to fly for about 15-18 minutes and this is a very good indicator for similar models.
The Holy Stone HS120D drone is equipped with the most important set of functions that are essential for a beginner when learning to fly.
You will control the drone using a stylish and convenient remote control at a distance of up to 300 meters, which is not so little.

Draw your own conclusions based on this review. Happy shopping!

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