August 4, 2021

Holy Stone HS700D Review

Holy Stone HS700D
Holy Stone HS700D

Holy Stone are one of the leaders when it concerns drones for beginners, they have a large range from tiny mini drones to ones with a bit more advanced technology in them. The Holy Stone HS700D is a successful drone by Holy Stone. Holy Stone is a big manufacturer in the drone market. In this article we examine the HS700D a high-end drone. You can fly it up 150 meters high and have a controller range of about 1000 meters. The Holy Stone HS700D clocks an overall of 15 minutes’ worth of flight time on a complete battery, which ought to take you an agonizing 300 minutes to charge, so make certain to have a look at batteries for Holy Stone drones. It offers 2K video quality with a 110º FOV adjustable lens to 90º. It also features WiFi connection which offers you with faster but clearer image transmission.

The Holy Stone HS700D is an excellent newbie’s drone or a more experienced user too likewise has an economical cost and decent video quality. The Holy Stone likewise includes a “Follow Me” mode which is really useful, were the drone will follow you it likewise comes with a lot more beneficial modes.

As we had advanced, the Holy Stone HS700 D has the very same style as the the HS720. The cam of the Holy Stone HS700D is mounted on a gimbal which can keep the video footage smooth and steady, The gimbal on this drone isn’t the very best but it’s pretty good, it includes a 1-axis gimbal stabilizer which assists get great aerial shots.

Drone package

However prior to we talk about its functions, what is available in the box of the Holy Stone HS700D? Inside the box, we can discover the HS700D drone with a transmitter (with Phone Holder) a 2K video camera (with Cam Port) a battery with a USB charging cable, and a dual balance battery charger. The drone comes with 8 propellers, 2 landing gears, 4 prop guards, and a screwdriver.

Holy Stone has actually achieved success with its drones and is among the top-selling brands on the drone market. This model is also compatible with FPV (Very First Individual View) drones for live transmission and has GPS.

In this HS700D review you will certainly see just how effective this drone is and why its verifying to be so popular amongst drone enthusiasts.

Holy Stone HS700D Review

Holy Stone HS700D
Holy Stone HS700D

When I was finding amazing drone to test, one with a trendy design and also wonderful functions, my eyes fell on the Holy Stone HS700 D.

It really is a properly designed drone. The drone body is made of plastic yet this is high-grade plastic that is constructed to last as well as is very long lasting.

You can fly the Holy Stone HS700D in great weather conditions and in a lot more extreme conditions however not also severe, if you don’t wish to seriously damage and even worse, lose it.

The Holy Stone has long lasting brushless motors, with no system friction, it supports higher-speed rotation and offers more powerful power with less noise. These motors also help extend battery life and make it simple to fly even on a windy day. Brushless motors are additionally quitter as well as last much longer, which means less upkeep prices.

These brushless electric motors are additionally the factor the HS700D has a longer flying time than the various other drones in its course.

The HS700D can be controlled either with a remote control or via Android or iOS apps. The remote control is convenient and easy to use.

The application permits you to regulate the drone height and span to ensure that it remains within a particular distance, this lessens the chance of shedding the drone or breaking any kind of flying constraints within the area you are in.

The push-button control comes with a smartphone attachment which will certainly enable you to make use of both the controller and also app together, which is the best method to control the drone and gain access to all its attributes.

The last point I want to state prior to I get to the highlight of the HS700D is the propellers. These props are long and also part of what gives the HS700D a supreme trip time, they are also very easy install.

Holy Stone HS700D Video Camera

Not all cameras on drones are of top quality, but the electronic camera on the Holy Stone HS700D is of a remarkable criterion.

It is the very best feature of this drone as well as it will provide you lots of enjoyable playing around with. The camera can videotaping in FHD 1080p and has a 110 ° FOV that will certainly offer an amazing view permit you to videotape sensational videos. The Holy Stone HS700D drone utilizes a 2K camera with WiFi connection and FPV and GPS connection. The HS700D can reach 1000 meters without a video connection and 800 meters with a video connection.

The video camera has a FOV angle lens as much as 110 ° which provides you a good take a look at your videos. The Holy Stone HS700D likewise features equipped double GPS + 1 axis gimbal, for anti-shaking and image stabilization to make your video much more smooth.

It features anti-dampening feature which will certainly make your video clips and also images be without distortions and also with its 5G technology, you can stream high-grade video clips directly to your smart device with little lag.

The video camera is also with the ability of taking photos in 2MP, which isn’t wonderful but still decent adequate to reveal to friends and family.

You can also modify as well as share your photos and videos on social networks through the app.

The video camera bracket compatible with GoPro electronic cameras. You can change Holy Stone HS700D camera for a GoPro Hero 2,3, or 4.



The Holy Stone HS700D features geared up with a 1 axis gimbal, the drone will remain in the wind and certainly return home when under power or lost or weak signal. In addition to the camera gimbal, the HS700D drone includes an optical circulation system. This enables the drone to instantly spot modifications in the air pressure system and adapt to preserve its stability and flight control.

The stabilization isn’t the best in this drone if you desire smoother videos you will need to fly slower and gently and attempt not to fly in windy conditions.


Holy Stone HS700D comes with a rechargeable 2800mAh battery. Charging is carried out using the USB connector.

The battery is located on the bottom of the drone. The battery is accessed through a special cover.

We advise you to always buy additional batteries so that you can enjoy the flight and control of the drone longer.


You can have a more secure flight with a GPS connection. Helped with the GPS area system, you will be able to locate the HS700D position exactly at any time. The HS700D will definitely return to you if:

– the drone will lose signal;

– drone batteries will be discharged;

– you press the return button.

The Holy Stone likewise comes with a custom flight path. With this function you can tune the drone to fly around a course. You just require to set the waypoint on the Holy Stone APP. The drone will fly any route you draw.

The Holy Stone HS700 D headless mode enables you to fly no matter what instructions the airplane is dealing with, the forward stick is forward, and the back stick is backward.

One button landing and remove, with one button you can take off or land the drone. The HS700D likewise includes an altitude hold function, the airplane’s height and area can be accurately locked midair to capture stable video or images.

Conclusions on the article from the editors of the site

The Holy Stone HS700D FPV drone is developed for those who want a modern-day and innovative drone with a respectable rate, it’s a fantastic alternative for beginners and more skilled flyers who wish to update. The HD700D has all basic drone functions and more, as well as excellent flight, battery, and modes.

The HS700D is pretty simple to find out and will get you all those terrific aerial shots you would desire in a drone and the fantastic functions it has will assist you, it likewise brings a 2800 mAh battery which will provide you plenty of time to record.

If you are searching for an FPV drone, this one will work well as well, it supports FPV and can reach 1000 meters and can return with a single button. This drone has a great deal of positive reviews by many individuals and we advise getting it if you are trying to find a good drone, we hope this review was valuable.

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