May 18, 2022

Potensic T35 Drone Review

Potensic T35 Drone ReviewWelcome! Today we are going to review the Potensic T35 drone. Recently there was a review of a very similar model from this manufacturer, the Potensic T25 drone. These models have a lot in common, but the Potensic T35 has improved features. It is also worth noting that the T35 is larger and has a longer flight time.

Potensic drones are very popular among beginners and hobbyists. And the T35 is no exception. Ease of control, good maneuverability, high-quality body assembly, fullness of all important functions – these are the distinctive characteristics of this model’s drones.

It is no secret that it is important for beginners and inexperienced amateurs to avoid the difficulties of flying a drone. Therefore, the manufacturer uses a set of functions that do not require a lot of drone flying experience. And also the price of such drones is acceptable for most consumers.

So let’s get down to a detailed review of the Potensic T35 GPS drone.

Drone package

First, let’s take a look at what you get in the package after ordering. So, the kit will include:

  • Potensic T35 Drone
  • remote control
  • propellers and landing gear
  • set of propeller guards
  • screwdriver for assembly
  • instruction
  • Charger
  • Battery

Potensic T35 Drone ReviewThe drone is delivered almost assembled. Additionally, you need to spend time attaching the propellers and installing the battery.

I advise you to install the set of propeller guards immediately. This will prevent the propellers from breaking if the drone unsuccessfully falls or collides with an obstacle.

Potensic T35 Drone Review

Choosing a drone at a budget price is never easy. Now there are many offers from different manufacturers and it is often very difficult to decide, especially if you are new to this business. Therefore, as a professional, I highly recommend paying attention to the Potensic T35.

The drone comes in white and looks very presentable. The appearance of the drone is very similar to the DJI Phantom elite drones, but the pricing policy is very different from DJI. The material for the drone’s body is high quality plastic, which will not crack easily during your drone piloting training. As I said above, the Potensic T35 is larger in size than the T25, namely, its dimensions are 16.5 * 16.5 * 7.6 inches. The weight of the drone is about 900 grams. This is a large enough drone, so for transportation and travel, I advise you to buy a case or bag separately.

This drone is equipped with a comb motor. This is not the best kind of motor for a drone. Unlike a brushless motor, this motor is cheaper to manufacture and install. But at the same time, the comb engine is less reliable and less durable. It is also one of the factors that make this drone model cheaper. But this is not a critical issue, even with a T35 comb engine it will last you a long time.

If you like to fly in the dark (at night or late in the evening), then this model will also suit you. Potensic T35 Drone is equipped with LED bulbs / flashlights, short ones are credited near each blade. The light of these lamps will allow you to easily cope with night flights. You will be able to see your drone in the night sky so you don’t lose sight of it. And also the flashlights will allow you to take night pictures with the camera. Of course, night photography will not be of the highest quality, but it will serve you as an additional experience.

A separate element that deserves praise is the drone’s remote control. Outwardly, it is very elegant and large enough. But the most important thing is that the control panel for T35 is very easy to use. At the top there is a place for mounting a smart device, to which you can connect video from a camera on the drone. The buttons on the Potensic T35 Drone joystick are located at an equidistant distance. This means that it will be easy for you to press the necessary buttons without touching other buttons. Also, the joystick quickly responds to all your commands. The buttons on the joystick are easy to press, which allows you to control the drone without unnecessary inconvenience.

The manufacturer claims the Potensic T35 drone control range is up to 300 meters. I advise you to immediately focus on 250 meters, in order to avoid losing the drone from the control area. For FPV, the control range is 150 meters. The short range of drone control is also a factor in reducing the cost of this product. But for beginners, this is not a problem at all. A beginner’s drone should always be in sight. After learning how to fly a drone, you can, if you wish, buy a more expensive drone with a large control range.

The drone can also be controlled through the official Potensic G application. This application is compatible with both the Android operating system and the iOS operating system. The application has a fairly simple interface that will allow any user to quickly understand it.

Potensic T35 Battery

Potensic T35 Drone BatteryThe Potensic T35 comes with one 2500 mAh battery. The flight time on a single charge is 15 minutes. I advise you to immediately buy additional batteries, because the Potensic T35 battery charging time is about 5 hours. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the flight and not spend a long time charging the battery, then it is worth having spare batteries.

For such drones, a flight time of 15 minutes is normal and in line with the price. But for an interesting and exciting pastime with the T35, this time is certainly not enough.

The Potensic T35 battery is intelligent. This means that it displays the battery level and you will always be aware of the remaining charge.

Potensic T35 Camera

Basically, all buyers are looking for drones with a good camera bundled with the drone. Using the camera on drones brings special pleasant emotions and new experience. It is much more interesting to watch what is happening through the camera of the drone, and not with your head up in the sky. The presence of the camera also makes it possible to take photos and videos as a keepsake.

So the Potensic T35 GPS drone is of course equipped with an HD camera with a wide angle lens. The angle for adjusting the lens is 90°, which makes it possible to change the angle of view without changing the angle of flight of the drone. To save videos and photos from your camera, you can use an SD card, the slot for which is located on the back of the camera.

The Potensic T35 camera shoots at a maximum resolution of 1080p. With this resolution, it is possible to record on an SD card, which must be additionally purchased up to 32 GB in size. However, in case of using online broadcasting, the maximum video resolution will be 720p. In fine calm weather, you will get a good video anyway. But in windy weather, there will be interference. This is due to the lack of camera stabilization function in the T35.

Photos are taken with a 2 megapixel camera. This is small enough, but still suitable for memorable shots.


Headless Mode. This mode will allow you not to think about where the drone’s head is. In this mode, the T35 will fly relative to the control panel, which means that when the remote control is turned to the left, the drone will fly to the left, regardless of the location of its head and, by analogy, in other directions.

3 speed settings. This will guide you through the learning process of flying the Potensic T35 GPS drone smoothly. Start with reduced speed and then move on to other functional settings. This will allow you to minimize the risk of unintentionally damaging the drone during training.

Back to home. By pressing one button, the drone will return to the place where the remote control is located. Also, this mode is activated when the battery is low or the drone leaves the control area of ​​the remote control.

Follow me mode. During your walk, cycling, morning jogging and the like, the drone will follow you. This mode frees your hands from flying the drone. Ideal for anyone who loves to walk or wants to explore the area, not only while flying the Potensic T35 drone.

Emergency situation quit. In case of emergency, such as collision with an obstacle or loss of control (not understanding how to control the drone further), press this button to stop the movement of the drone.

Individual flight plan. This mode allows you to tell the drone the destination of the route, and then the drone will go along the specified route.

The Potensic T35 drone also has other classic features.

The 9-Axis Gyroscope keeps the drone stable in windy conditions. In similar models from other manufacturers, it uses a 6-axis gyroscope, which significantly reduces the cost of the drone. But Potensic didn’t skimp on this feature.

Double GPS module. The drone uses GPS + GLONASS simultaneously.

Video review

Conclusions on the article from the editors of the site

The Potensic T35 drone is worth considering for beginners and hobbyists alike. The rather loyal low pricing policy of this drone, combined with its versatility, makes it an excellent option for buying your first drone.

I would also like to note the respectable appearance of this drone. It is pleasant to take such a drone in hand and show it to friends and acquaintances. Connoisseurs of the beautiful and stylish will definitely appreciate its design.

Let me give you a short summary of the pros and cons of this drone. There are definitely more advantages, namely: the presence of intelligent and classic functions, a 9-axis gyroscope to maintain stabilization during flight, the presence of an HD camera with 1080p resolution, a good flight time of up to 15 minutes, a convenient and functional control panel, as well as a very elegant and expensive drone appearance.

The disadvantages of this drone, I would refer to the comb motor of this drone, 2 megapixel camera for photos, lack of camera stabilization in flight.

In general, as you can see, there are many more pros than cons, which are not critical for the Potensic T35 drone.

Draw your own conclusions based on this review. Happy shopping!

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